What is GloGear?
GloGear is a proprietary glow-in-the-dark, rechargeable ink, which is applied to sports and safety gear to increase visibility and improve safety in low-light conditions.

Our patented applications encompass life jackets, wet suits, wake boards, surf boards, stand-up paddle boards, traffic safety, cycling and other sports and safety gear. Not only does GloGear increase user safety, the technology can complement the style and functionality of the applied gear.

How does it work?
The ink is comprised of a glow-in-the-dark element which “charges” as it is exposed to light, emitting a visible glow. With sufficient exposure to a light source, the glow will last for at least ten hours, is visible up to five hundred yards away, and will maintain its composition for twenty years. The glowing ink increases visibility and improves safety, allowing the user to be seen in low-light conditions.

How is it made?
GloGear ink is a proprietary mixture of phosphorescent and photoluminescent compounds. Once made, the ink can be applied to a variety of fabrics and materials through printing and heat transfer.

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The technology is comprised of a glow-in-the-dark element (also known as “phosphorescence”) and is charged when exposed to a light source (also known as “photoluminescence”). For example, sunlight, ultra violet light, LED light, incandescent light, and fluorescent light will charge the glow, thus allowing it to emit visible light.

The photoluminescence typically lasts for a period of time that depends on the length of exposure to the light source, the chemical composition of the phosphor and activator, and the type of radiation used for charging. After the phosphorescence abates, the user simply recharges the glow by exposing it to a light source.

As long as it is sufficiently recharged, GloGear ink will emit light for up to ten hours or more with each charge, and maintain its composition for at least twenty years.

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Commercial Applications

Paddle Board
Surf Board
Wake Board
Wake Surf Board
Skim Board
Competition Vest
Recreational Vest
Fishing Vest
Dog Vest

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