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About Us

We are a team of wakesurfers and water addicts, and we founded GloGear with one major mission – to give you back your time and your fun.

For most wakeboarders, nighttime almost always meant shutdown time. That was no fun. We got fed up and decided to act. So, in 2016 we started making glow-boards suitable for nighttime surfing here in Austin for our own use. It was a huge success! While other boats returned home to let the night fizzle out, we hopped on our custom-made glow-in-the-dark glow-boards and surfed our way through the night.

The nighttime surfing experience was exciting and indeed an extraordinary experience. Every night when we saw our signature green glow light up the wake, we knew we were unto something serious. Later that year, we partnered with a local board shaper to make what is now the ProtoSurfer. Fitted with custom, hand-crafted everything, the ProtoSurfer was a fun-to-ride board, well and truly capable of handling whatever you threw at it — day or night.

The success of the ProtoSurfer set the stage for the modern-day GloGear shop. Away from our own nighttime fun-seeking, we wanted everyone to experience the genuinely addictive experience of wake surfing at night. No longer do you have to drop your boards when the sun drops off. GloGear’s bespoke, expertly made performance gear gives surfers and wakeboarders alike the time extension they need to catch their thrill when the moon lights up the sky.

Non-stop surfing is awesome, but safety on water is also key. With the same commitment to quality and performance as we put in our boards, we designed our vests to improve user visibility with attention to aesthetics and comfort. With a GloGear Vest on, you look good while surfing, plus it feels so comfortable you forget you’re even wearing one.

Go ahead, embrace the night. We’ll see you on the water.

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