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Day or night

Visible performance

Who said the fun had to end when the sun goes down?

Take your adventure into the night and discover a new side of wakesurfing, complete with all the awe-inspiring thrilsl, frills and everything else you know and love.

Custom-made glow-in-the-dark gear from Glogear provides the lights you need to safely continue on your water adventures even as the sun drops. The glo of our GloGear boards lasts up to 10 hours a night for 20 years. You don’t need to lose a moment, instead make new moments and create memorable experiences all day and all night, because, why not!

Quality equipment built from the best materials

Every GloGear wakesurfboard is a hand-crafted masterpiece carved from a two-pound EPS core and passed through two rounds of fiberglass and premium epoxy treatment. Laser-eyed attention to detail headlines our fabrication process for both GloGear vests and wakesurf boards. The result for you is premium grade surfing equipment designed to look good, feel good and last you a good long time.

Exquisitely stylish

Don’t just chase the waves; look extremely good while you’re at it. Aesthetics are important, and it’s why all GloGear equipment go through an extensive design and styling development phase. Catch the eyes, turn the heads and glow through the night (and day) with surfing gear that was made to stand out above everything else.

Built to last

Quality build materials and a superior fabrication process means our range of surfing equipment are tough and resilient enough to go through multiple cycles of strenuous use. In the sun, through water, all day and all night long, GloGear vests and waterboards give you the edge to conquer your water adventures with confidence.

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Top-quality ‘glow-ready’ surfing gear for those serious about quality and performance.