About Us

We started GloGear with one mission: to give you back your time.

GloGear is a team of wakesurfers and water addicts who got fed up calling it quits when the sun went down. So, we set out to change that.

In 2016, we started making glow-boards here in Austin for our own use. While other boats returned home to let the night fizzle out, we kept surfing. When we saw that green-glow light up the wake, we knew we were onto something.

Then we teamed up with a local board shaper to make what is now the ProtoSurfer. Fitted with custom, hand-crafted everything, we created a board that is fun to ride and capable of handling whatever you can throw at it — day or night.

Non-stop surfing is awesome, but safety is key. With the same commitment to quality as our boards, we designed our vests to improve user-visibility with attention to aesthetics and comfort, so that you look good and forget you're even wearing one. 

Go ahead, embrace the night. We’ll see you on the water.  


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